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What is is a service where you can contact me @ronatory to just talk to me. Currently this service will focus on having a conversation. Either about topics that are currently important to you or if you just want to talk "go with the flow" or detached from a specific topic. I do my best to listen to you and give you my input on the topics. Currently I offer 50 minute zoom call sessions, but in the future I would also like to facilitate In-Person meetings.

Why was created on the one hand in connection with the 24 Startups in 24 Months Challenge and on the other hand I have noticed in recent years that various people with whom I have talked either alone or in groups, that my way of talking and listening is very pleasant, harmonious and reassuring, but also associated with useful input. When one person says this, you don't think much of it, but when more and more people, even people you've known for just 5 minutes, gradually point it out to you, there seems to be something to it 🙂. At some point you believe it yourself, as with so many things in life.

I would also say, when I write about it now, that primarily reading books has brought me to where I am today and has also motivated me to implement this service. It is not only the reading of books, it is also applying what I have read in life.

Knowledge + Action = Power

In other words, just read what interests me and not what you are forced to read, as it was in school for example. This is also a tip i can pass on if you're not already doing it anyway. Read what you just like to read, do what you like to do. If it feels "forced" in any way, try to change something. Here are also books I have read since 2016.

You also just learn so much from each other, everyone just has a different life story, interests and knowledge. Among other things, this motivates me also to simply get to know new people through

The thing is that I like to do that and I seem to have evolved through my life experience to be interested in all kinds of topics and just try to be open. Not taking sides specifically either, getting away from black and white thinking and living more gray colored. I am definitely pro-science, but there are always experiences in life that show me we can't yet fully explain with science. For this, just check out the book How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence.

What would be the meaning of life if we already knew everything?

Through my current open lifestyle, also according to the motto "Go with the flow" various topics are in my field of interest such as:

I am trying to set aside more and more judgments and expectations in life and these are among other things important building blocks for me to be able to live this open life.

Through I would like to reach out to people I might never have met in order to be there for them in the same way as I am currently doing it with the people around me anyway.

I have also researched a little bit whether there is already something in this direction and apparently there is something like that already in China in the dating area. butler cafés it is called. I don't want to associate my service with dating. You could also associate it with "coaching" or a "therapy", but I don't want to name this at all. I found to be simply fitting when I was searching for a domain name because "Two" stands for two people (you and me), the pronunciation for Twogether sounds like Together, this .com domain only cost me $9.16 😁 and the "fy" at the end reminds of a startup like Spotify 😊. I don't want to call myself a therapist or coach, don't have any special training in those directions. The only thing I have is my life experience, the interest to be open to learn something new, just a person who is interested in other people, wants to grow together, learn from each other and be there for each other. I would prefer not to define it at all.

You Don't Know What You Don't Know

To be honest, I would offer this service for free, but we humans have created a system where money "still" rules the world and I have to cover my costs. In the future, perhaps no more. Here, however, I also want to look that I reinvest income in this service or in new ideas to make something better in this world. Support others with similar ideas like this or the 24 Startups in 24 Months Challenge.

Maybe you can also give me tips on how to optimize this service so that I can possibly offer it for free in the future.

I am still getting to know too many people and I have been one of those people who do a job that they don't really do from the bottom of their heart but just for the money or just for the security. There is a sentence that reminds me to go after what feels good and not to do what feels bad.

If you get up in the morning and think the future is going to be better, it is a bright day, Otherwise, it's not

In other words, if you can't look forward to the day and you long for the weekend or a vacation. Why do you do what you do?


The current price is $169 for one session. If this is your first session, it will only cost you $109. You save ~35,50%. Payment will be done via a Stripe Link like this one here.

What's included?

50 min Zoom call with @ronatory in English or German. There will be no recording of the call and both sides can communicate at any time if the session should be terminated for understandable reasons.

What is the refund and cancellation policy?

No refunds are permitted after the session is booked and paid.

However, you can reschedule your session up to 24 hrs before. If you don't show up to the session or cancel last minute, you will need to book and pay for a new session if you want to reschedule.

When receiving the booking confirmation, please make sure you check if the date and time are correct.

Get your Twogetherfy time

Contact @ronatory for a 50min Zoom call to talk about everything (you want).

Request an appointment via